Gregor Bienz, MBA


Gregor Bienz looks back on long-standing leadership experience both in fast-paced periods of growth as well as in crisis situations and restructuring phases in his role as consultant and project leader and as self-employed entrepreneur. Manager and entrepreneur – Gregor Bienz supports employers and employees alike to position themselves for success as they embark on the journey of digital change. To Gregor, creating custom-fit symbioses is vital.

Marketing and Office Management

Barbara Heberlein

Marketing and Office Manager

Barbara Heberlein knows the media world inside out thanks to her long-standing experience in the field. If you are looking for employees in Marketing, Product Management and Digitization, Barbara Herberlein is the ace up your sleeve, thanks to her wealth of knowledge and her network. Her motto? «Accurate interaction and perfect passes are the key to success.»

Finance, Controlling and Accounting

Sebastian A. Keller

Senior Consultant

Sebastian Keller has been active in human resources consulting for many years after a successful career section spent in the finance industry and in trading. It's all about matching numbers and a convincing charisma. Always on the lookout for the perfect blend between professional and social skills, in order to find the missing piece to your jigsaw puzzle.

Digital Transformation

Patrick Stuber

Senior Consultant

Patrick Stuber attaches great importance to assessing people correctly and to responding to their needs. This creates quality and trust and is a key component in personnel placement. Thanks to his experience as a top athlete, he knows just how important it is to identify people's talents early and to have a strategy to challenge and promote these skills.

Coaching and Mentoring

Dr. Peter Szabó

Master Certified Coach ICF

Peter Szabó looks back on more than 30 years of experience as coach and entrepreneur. In 1997, he founded one of the first training centers for coaches in Switzerland, which today offers its services on four continents and in nine languages. By the time he divested the company, he had trained more than 3,000 professional coaches, one of whom is Gregor Bienz. His passion and core competence lie in the successful identification and strengthening of progress. He offers workshops and presentations and is a university teacher in Europe and in North America.

Human Resources and Finance

Romina V. Tanner

Junior Consultant

Through her activities in the international hotel industry and various stays abroad, including in South America, the USA and Germany, Romina Tanner has already gained numerous experiences with international customers and personalities. Not only the potential and the performance must be right, but also the mutual respect and empathy must be present for a common success. Romina Tanner works with great commitment and knowledge of human nature to find and recruit candidates with these qualities.

Real Estate, Construction and Architecture, Facility Management and Building Services

Flavio Tschannen

Senior Consultant

Thanks to his vast experience in construction and real estate, Flavio Tschannen is a top consultant in the area of real estate specialists. As an entrepreneur, he is familiar with the market's opportunities and risks, and can harness internal strengths to our and your benefit. He cherishes long-term business relationships and cultivates them expertly and carefully.


Timo Zenaty

Senior Consultant / Project Manager Expansion Germany

Timo Zenaty brings with him sound experience, market understanding and know-how from the financial sector and personnel consulting. With a focus on long-term, sustainable partnerships, he maintains an international network and accompanies companies in their individual development phases. He has found his passion in offering added value to all parties involved in the interface between management and employees.